Filtrete™ Smart Air Filter

UX Design | UI Design | Packaging Design

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Project Overview

During my time at 3M, I had the amazing opportunity to help launch the first connected HVAC filter for consumers homes. Through consumer research we found problems within the entire experience of purchasing in store to changing a filter. Filtrete™ Smart Air Filters have a sensor attached to the filter that detects air pressure and notifies you when it's time to order a new or change the filter.  

My Role: Assisted with creative direction on UX/UI of application, provided UI assets to agency, developed wireframes to collaborate with agency, created packaging and full experience for IHUT (In Home User Testing), provided feedback and design on final packaging, designed the app store images and collaborated with agency on API for the admin portal. 
Marketing Manager: Patrick Hiner
Design Manager: Nic Echeverri
Brand Designer: Katlyn Myrvold
Agency Partners: ArcTouch, Airviz, Infosys


The Problem

In August 2016, the Filtrete™ team found pain points in our consumers’ journey while trying to purchase our filters. People could not remember what filter size and type to purchase, when to change the filter and were not aware of the importance of air quality in their homes.

The Solution

Simply connect your filter's sensor to your mobile device via Bluetooth®. Once paired, view active filter life tracking, environmental air quality info, tips for improving your home’s air, and easy mobile replacement filter ordering. Instead of time-based reminders, the sensor will detect air pressure passing through the filter to determine the percent of filter life that is remaining.


Gathering Insights

After years of research, the Filtrete team gathered all insights to draft up their first customer experience map. Within our consumers journey, we realized that there was an opportunity make the experience of changing your filter better. Take the guess work out of knowing when to change your filter, reminding you when to change it and auto ordering the correct size and type to your door step.


Creating an MVP for our In Home User Testing

For the in home user testing, we wanted people to go through the whole experience of packaging design, instructions, downloading the app, pairing the filter and exploring the app. Below are a few of the changes that we needed to make after testing our MVP.


What does Filtrete™ look like in the digital space?

When we first began visual design, the aesthetics were based off of our website that marketing communications controls. While we were creating visuals for the app, we were going through a brand re-fresh to provide consistency across all retailers. Now with our brand re-fresh launching in 2018, there are new elements to add to the app to make the ecosystem more cohesive visually. Currently updating UI, screen flows and content strategy.


Conveying The Story In Store

Images created for both iOS and Android app stores to create a story and inform people about the features. These images were created in a combination of illustrator and sketch. 

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Next Steps...

The team is hard at work on updating UI screens to look, feel and interact like the new brand re-fresh. They are also focused on updating new user flows, collecting user feedback and thinking about the bigger ecosystem.

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