What if... design could enhance your morning routine?


Project Overview

Stanza was my senior show project in May of 2016 where I first discovered my passion for trying to solving real problems and my UX journey started. I wanted to research morning routines for the young professional and why they matter. Was there a problem? Is there anything we can do as individuals to stay motivated?

My Role: Created surveys, interviewed students, branding, illustration, user flows, wireframes, prototyping

Awards: Best of Design Show AIGA 2016, Poster Designs

Branding     UX/UI     Illustration


The Problem

As students, it's hard to not wake up 15 minutes before class starts. Research shows that having a better start to your morning will improve your motivation and productivity through out the day. How can we re-design the morning experience?   

The Solution

Stanza is re-designing your morning routine through an educational and gamifying app that reminds, organizes and gives helpful tips to a better morning and a better day. 


* Responsive website developed in HTML & CSS, coded by yours truly

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Who Is Stanza For?

Stanza helps teens to college students create a better morning routine. They need motivation and it's easier to change their habit at a younger age. With the stress of doing so well in school and attending an great college, students needed to learn better ways to start their day.


Surveys & Interviews

We found out that 94% women are more likely to change their morning routine than men. 93.75% of people hit the snooze button, but what if we didn't allow a snooze button anymore?

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