Scotch-Brite™ & Instagram Patterns


Scotch-Brite™ Printed Lint Core 2017 & 2018

The task was to create trend driven patterns relevant in our market and stylish enough to keep on a kitchen counter top. The patterns have to be repeating in order for a continuous roll, lines thicker than .5pt, 40% ink and 60% white, one color only. Many of these patterns were influenced by textiles and home products. Most patterns have been released at Target and are on a 3 month rotation. 


My Role: Create trend driven mood boards, designed multiple concepts of patterns, collaborated with brand designer, marketing lead and lab for printing capabilities. 
Brand Designer: Jessica Staude
Marketing Lead: Kristen Kowalski
Engineer: Cari Molnar


Instagram - 30 Days of Patterns

I challenged myself to create a pattern every day for 30 days. I love doing projects like this because it continues to develop my illustrating skills and keeps me creative. I highly suggest doing projects like these!