Project Overview

Sync.up is a concept created by UX Design bootcamp class through General Assembly. My task was to identify a problem people face with staying connected across time zones and geographical boundaries. When interviewing individuals who have family and friends in different states, I couldn't find any real issues with the apps, calling or texting that they use today. I then realized through the recordings that social people need a way to find affordable flights that fit their friends and families busy schedule because they want face to face interactions while saving money. It wasn't about the currently efficient apps like Skype, Facetime and Google Hangouts. 

My Role: Research, Interviewing, Affinity Mapping, Personas, User Flows, Wireframing, Prototyping, UI Design, Icons, Illustrations


The Problem

In 2018 we have access to every possible app and technology that allows us to communicate globally and in real time. But the problems we face today are the ever so busy schedules and expensive flights that keep us from physical communication and interaction with our loved ones. 

The Solution

SyncUp is an app that helps you and your friends or family plan events by syncing calendars, finding available dates and affordable ways to travel. It's a combination of google calendars, hopper and google flights all in one. This concept could benefit by being integration with pre-existing apps.

App Screen Showcase Mockup.jpg

What Problem Are We Trying To Solve?

After listening to my interviews again, I went through an Affinity Mapping exercise where I wrote down needs and wants of our users to categorize them into similar trends. The trends I found were issues on planning, affordability and different reasons to stay connected.


Our MVP Features

It's easy to go overboard on adding features, like messaging capabilities. Through user interviews I found that when people are planning events, they are on the phone, skyping, or texting. There are so many other messaging apps out there that we didn't find it valuable to add quite yet.


What Should We Test?

The two main objectives of this app is to test the planning of an event and booking a flight user flow. InVision prototype was created to test the tasks with users. I looked for it's value, user flows and if the new process was easy for users.

11 x 17@2x.png

Getting Feedback

I set up a discussion guide that led 3 users to create an event, find dates that work for everyone and book a flight. Some of the main observations were needing more customization and clarity when choosing a date. Adding a glossary, a notification to add flexibility in someone's schedule and prices of flights. The price of  a flight can determine when to visit. Lastly, a confirmation needs to be shown to the user when finished booking a flight about how the flight is booked and information sent to the calendar invite.

5.2 Calendar_ChooseDate_Edits@3x.png

Visual Design

When creating the visual design, I wanted it to be very simple and easy so that the general idea could easily be integrated with other app brand guidelines. 

UI Style Guide@3x.jpg

Next Steps...

Even though the class is done, this has become a passion project of mine to continue testing with users. I see the value in being able to find affordable ways to see your friends while searching through busy schedules.